BlackBerry is back with a new smartphone, the BlackBerry Passport, there is the BlackBerry Classic as well. The company is going to try its luck again in the smartphone market with the good old QWERTY keypad, one of the best features of the old BlackBerries. The company is going to release the two smartphones in India in a few months, a market where the company still has one of the highest market shares in the world. The Canada based smartphone giant has also stated that it is going to keep its physical store open, and not push the sales completely to online stores. The release date and the price have not yet been confirmed.

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Only after almost a month of releasing the LG G Watch, the company has announced the LG G Watch R, which is a much better smartwatch with a much better round display, compared to the rectangle display of the older version. So, this has made some buyers of the LG G Watch unhappy. One guy has took it to change.org to raise a petition to LG saying that the buyers of the LG G Watch should be given an optional upgrade to LG G Watch R, for free. The complete petition is as below.


LG Electronics, CEO

Please Give LG G watch Buyers an optional upgrade to the LG G watch round for free

it doesnt seem fair to people who paid 229 for a watch and a round version comes out a month later a way to do this would be to require the Square watch be sent in its original packaging through RMA and exchanged for the round watch


[Your name]

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The South Korean smartphone giant, Samsung, is back with another awesome smartwatch. The all new Samsung Galaxy Gear S. This time, even though there is no round display like the Moto 360 or the LG G Watch R, the company has used curved display to make the smartwatch a bit more appealing, and aesthetically pleasing. The smartwatch is already up for sales, and comes with a big 2 inch display. Also, the smartwatch comes with its own 3G modem, so you don’t need to pair it to a smartphone or a tablet. That’s something very big right now. Lets see how the market takes this change.

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So, are you waiting for the next Nexus smartphone to come out? Well, who isn’t? Anyway, there are a lot of rumors surrounding the next Nexus smartphone. For example, it is being said that Motorola is working on the Nexus 6, codenamed Shamu. But this is a very high profile rurmor, and we don’t have any material to back this up. Also, the estimated cost of the smartphone is also up in the air. There are no clear indications of the smartphone or the specs, or the cost, or the release date. So, all we can do, is still and wait for it to mature.


ZTE is gradually trying to capture the American market. The company is now trying to start with the budget friendly audience, with the Nubia 5S. Even though the device costs only $279.99, it comes with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7 GHz quad core processor with 2 GB of RAM. The device has a 4.7 inch IGZO 1280 x 780 pixels resolution display. There is a 13 MP camera on the back with LED flash and autofocus, and a 5 MP selfie camera on the front. All this is powered by a 2000 mAh battery. The smartphone is 7.6 mm thick.

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If you use Skype on multiple devices, you know what a pain it is to get notifications on your Android device. It just never works properly. And once you get it to work, you get new message notification on all the devices on which you have signed into Skype. Now the Microsoft owned company has realized that this is annoying and has announced that it has found out a way to avoid this. So starting very soon, you will only get notifications to only one device from which you are replying to the conversation.

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Goophone has done it again, a lot better this time. The Chinese company that rips off popular flagship smartphones from Samsung and Apple, now has announced a new smartpthone, which is a clone of the yet to be officially announced Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The smartphone will not be as expensive as the original Note 4 is going to be. The hardware will also not be as impressive. The Goophone version of the Note 4 is going to be available very soon on their online store. This is going to happen even before the Samsung Note 4 is out.

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If you have heard of Tenno, a new video game for gamers, is coming to the Microsoft Xbox One very soon, as soon as next month, when the creators of the awesome Warframe online game are going to port the game from PC to Xbox One on the 2nd of the next month. The game community is already a strong 10 million gamers. But we can see this number go up very soon and easily next month, once the game makes it to the Xbox One. The announcement was made at the Gamescon conference, in an hour long panel.

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If you are waiting for the Cupertino tech giant to release the next iteration of their smartphone, then the wait is not log. As the company has an event as soon as next month, where we are hoping to see at least one device. But the rumor mill does not wait for months. So, we have another leak from China, and this time around, it’s a battery intended for the 5.5 inch iPhone. According to the image, the battery has a capacity of 2,915 mAh and runs at 4.35 volts. The battery has a part number of 616-0675. Unfortunately, there is no model number.

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If you own an early 2011 MacBook Pro, you would know the very annoying AMD GPU related system glitches and crashes, which is just to irritating. There are a lot of people who have been reporting this issue. But apparently, Apple is not willing to acknowledge this issue. Some Mac Genius employees around the world have started redirecting such customers to third party repair shops when the customer’s warranty is no more valid. There is no word if at all the Cupertino based tech giant will acknowledge this issue or not, but a replacement is far from reality.

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