Nvidia released their Shield tablet back in July, with a big bang. The gaming tablet, anyway, came with just one connectivity option, Wi Fi. And we all know that is not going to be enough. So, the company decided to come with a 4G LTE version and announced recently that will start taking pre orders for the LTE version from Tuesday, today, and that it will start shipping on Sep. 30th. So the LTE version will cost you $399, $100 more than the Wi Fi version. The tablet is available through AT&T as well, for $299 with a two year contract. The choice is yours.

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Sony has released  a new entry level Xperia smartphone, the Sony Xperia E3. The devices comes with a 4.5 inch display with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. That puts the pixels density at 218 pixels per inch, which is not too much. Next, it comes with 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB of internal storage, 5 MP rear camera, and the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. So what’s so unique in this? Well, the smartphone features 4G LTE connectivity, that too Cat 4 speeds, which is just awesome for a smartphone with that spec sheet. And to run the show, it has a 2330 mAh battery.

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Lift Labs is doing something really good for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Or for people who carry tremors wherever they go. One of the products of the company is a spoon, which vibrates when you have food in it and are struggling to lift it, so that there is an anti effect and the food is not spilled. This is a great application and is going to help a lot of people. Now, Google has acquired this company for an undisclosed amount. It is to see how the company will make use of this technology.

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Now that the South Korea based smartphone giant has come with a semi metal smartphone, there are so many rumors out of the rumor mill which suggests that a completely new series of smartphones are coming out of Samsung, the A series. This series is going to contain both high end and mid range smartphones. But the attention here is to maintain the premium status, with all metal (Aluminium and other alloys) pretty soon. The first phone tipped is the Samsung SM-A500. There is nothing official about this whole thing. So all we can do is wait.

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Google showed off its awesome Project Tango 7 inch tablet which could do some really awesome stuff using 3D imagery. Even though we have seen several examples of the abilities of the tablet, we have not yet heard anything about a commercial version of it. This may change soon, if we go by the FCC listing spotted recently. The listing names an LG made device with an LG battery and Nvidia Tegra SoC, and orchestrated by Google. Well, this could be the one, but we still have to wait for some time for more rumors to pour in.

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After making its way to phones, watches, tablets, TVs, watches, and more, Android has come to hats. Yes, industrial grade hard hats. A Los Angeles based smartup, called Daqri, has come up with a hard hat which runs on Android, and has a heads-up display which uses augmented reality to show information about different systems in an industry. If used properly, this is going to be like a scene out of a sci fi movie. The hat also has the ability to connect with smartphones and watches as well, if need be. The hat will come out to the market soon.

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If you have a Nexus 5, and it is damaged, like a shattered screen, then here is some good news for you. If the rumors are to be trusted, the search engine giant, Google, and smartphone giant, LG, are planning on a policy which will let you get a one time replacement for your Nexus 5. Both HTC and Motorola had such policies some time back. But then again, there are some terms and conditions for this. So don’t go around trying to break your Nexus 5, before you go through the T&C.

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BlackBerry is back with a new smartphone, the BlackBerry Passport, there is the BlackBerry Classic as well. The company is going to try its luck again in the smartphone market with the good old QWERTY keypad, one of the best features of the old BlackBerries. The company is going to release the two smartphones in India in a few months, a market where the company still has one of the highest market shares in the world. The Canada based smartphone giant has also stated that it is going to keep its physical store open, and not push the sales completely to online stores. The release date and the price have not yet been confirmed.

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Only after almost a month of releasing the LG G Watch, the company has announced the LG G Watch R, which is a much better smartwatch with a much better round display, compared to the rectangle display of the older version. So, this has made some buyers of the LG G Watch unhappy. One guy has took it to to raise a petition to LG saying that the buyers of the LG G Watch should be given an optional upgrade to LG G Watch R, for free. The complete petition is as below.


LG Electronics, CEO

Please Give LG G watch Buyers an optional upgrade to the LG G watch round for free

it doesnt seem fair to people who paid 229 for a watch and a round version comes out a month later a way to do this would be to require the Square watch be sent in its original packaging through RMA and exchanged for the round watch


[Your name]

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The South Korean smartphone giant, Samsung, is back with another awesome smartwatch. The all new Samsung Galaxy Gear S. This time, even though there is no round display like the Moto 360 or the LG G Watch R, the company has used curved display to make the smartwatch a bit more appealing, and aesthetically pleasing. The smartwatch is already up for sales, and comes with a big 2 inch display. Also, the smartwatch comes with its own 3G modem, so you don’t need to pair it to a smartphone or a tablet. That’s something very big right now. Lets see how the market takes this change.

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