If you are a fan of the Droid Maxx but have got bored with the same old black color, Verizon has some good news for you. The wireless carrier has now two new color options for the smartphone. You can either get it with a black and chrome accents model or a high-gloss red model. These two variants are already available on the carrier’s online store. And if you want to buy them at a store near you, you will have to wait till the stocks hit the stores on the 22nd of this month.

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If you follow Google and Google Glass closely enough, you would know that there is a one-day sale today, on the 15th, Tuesday, April of 2014. The company, to coincide with this sale, has updated the device to have Android KitKat support. But there is one thing missing out from the bundle which would have made a huge impact on the sales, the ability to make video calls. Nonetheless, the device is going to sell out like a hot cake. But there are many other awesome software features which are included in the new software update to the product, and for more info on that, hit the source link.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 was a much anticipated smartphone of the year, which is also the S series flagship for the South Korean smartphone manufacturer for the year. The initial reviews did not praise the Galaxy S5 all that well. But the reviews seem to have made no negative effects on the sales of the smartphone. This is evident as the company released the smartphone on the weekend in 125 countries, and according to reports, the sales has crossed millions of units, just on the launch day. This means the company saw better launch day sales for the S5, compared to the S4.

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It is well known that the Canadian smartphone manufacturer, BlackBerry, is losing out on its smartphone market share, and also the revenue that would be generated by its devices. And to make up for all this, the company has released new features on its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). For example, you are now able to make free BBM to BBM voice calls. And enterprise users can even encrypt and record the conversation for a fee. There is also the option of tracking phones using satellite positioning, and lots more.

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If you thought that the awesome Google Glass is only for people who want to take photos when they are walking, you are wrong. The US Air Force’s BATMAN (Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided (K)nowledge) research team has been working on Google Glass test units for some time now, and has been evaluating the platform to find out how they can use the device in the battle field. Also, the team is working on writing its own proprietary layer of code on what Google has already provided for more features and security. Do you think the Air Force will make this a part of its range of electronics?

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Most of us have been wondering why Waze agreed to be acquired by Google, and for how much. We have had some estimate of the price that Google paid to acquire Waze, somewhere from $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion. But the exact figure was never known. Now, co-founder and CEO of Waze, Noam Bardim, has given more insight into this through his latest LinkedIn post. The company was acquired for $1.15 billion. This is what he says:

One of Waze’s mistakes was the valuation of its A round which significantly diluted the founders. Perhaps, had we held control of the company, as the Founders of Facebook, Google, Oracle or Microsoft had, Waze might still be an independent company today.

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Samsung has been releasing a lot of accessories for the Galaxy S5 lately, and a range of charging covers are the latest accessories to be showcased. There are a bunch of charging covers you can choose from. One is the standard black or white cover compatible with any Qi compatible wireless charger. Another charging cover is the S View styled cover, again in black and white, and again with Qi compatible wireless charger support. Also, if you don’t care about wireless charging, you can simply buy an S View case, for a bit less money. There is also a wallet styled cover for the Galaxy S5.

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We all know what an awesome accessory Pressy would be. The company has not yet started shipping the product, which was scheduled to be done in March, at least for its Kickstarter backers. But now, another well known company, Xiaomi, has come up with a clone of the product, and is going to sell it world wide as soon as the 8th of this month, that’s like five days  away. But Pressy is not taking this lightly. The company made a statement to Engadget on the matter, saying:

Though the knock-off versions were anticipated, we did not expect to see it from such a respectable and known company … We have IP rights for the design and functionality of Pressy, and are considering our next moves to handle the situation.

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After HTC and Google, its Samsung’s turn to enter the April Fool’s bandwagon, with a wearable tech of its own, the Samsung Fingers. The gadget is the first overall glove which comes with a 3 inch Flexible UDH display, a mic, a projector, speakers, hidden 16 mega pixel camera, and what no. Also, it weighs just 1 gram and is 0.2 mm thick, or thin. Can you believe a gadget like that? Well, Samsung may just be trying to fool a few people, but it’s not a very bad idea for a gadget. You can try building one.

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If you are and Android developer and like to put a lot of extras in your apps to promote your other apps or advertise and affiliate, Google has some new policies for you. The revised policies for the Google Play Developer Program will protect users from unwanted redirects to Google Play Store to download apps, or ads in text messages, or installing malware and spyware on their smartphone. The developers are now supposed to take care of the affiliates they make and make sure they do follow these new policies. But the question here is, do you think this is going to change anything?

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